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Job description: Operations Manager

  1. Designing business plans
  2. Strategize and build on the market plan to increase the village level penetration and consumption in existing villages and new villages.
  3. Analysis of the sales trends and give inputs on improvement
  4. Focus on revenue generation and profitability of the business
    1. Reducing cost of operations
    2. Testing and Streamlining SOP’s
    3. Monitoring of day to day operational issues
  5. Interacting with our Business partners and motivating them for more contribution to the business
  6. Analysing practices that emerge in the field , sort, prioritize and standardize to replicate.
  7. Per head count cost minimisation and increase effectiveness
  8. Optimization of resources that are available and increase productivity
  9. Examine and redesign our distribution model so as to reduce the time for delivery and also reduce the overhead cost and increase revenue to distribution partner and company
  10. Increase partner participation through true ownership, responsibility and accountability to make the system less reliant on Spring Health staff for day to day operations and routine marketing and quality control.
  11. Work closely with field staff, partners and village level resources to reinforce purpose meaning and motivation.
  12. Assist CEO in framing strategy plans
  13. Streamline MIS to Accurately report field operations

This position will report directly to the CEO.

Growth: Spring Health will be expanding to other eastern Indian states over the next few years and internationally as well, and offers career progression in India, from region to state to national level and abroad as the company grows.

Kindly mail your cv’s to suvish@industree.org.in

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Background: Spring Health was founded by legendary social enterprise pioneer, Dr. Paul Polak with co-founder Jacob Mathew in 2011 after pilots carried out in 2010. The company provides safe drinking water at affordable prices in small villages in Rural east India. Currently operations are in Odisha where Spring Health services 234 villages through 200 village kiosks. The operations are in a consolidation and expansion phase with a view to opening 43 new kiosks and tripling its customer base in the next 12 months. It will then rapidly expand to 16,000 kiosks in the next 5 years to touch at least 10 million customers. Spring Health operations are headed by CEO Kishan Nanavati who is guided by a world class board of directors. Spring Health aims to stimulate entrepreneurial activities for the provision of critical needs in bottom of pyramid rural markets. Spring Health’s management team is based out of Bhubaneswar and operations are currently in 6 districts of the state. The current phase of Spring Health looks at supplying water and establishing a last 50metre supply chain, in the next it will offer products meeting other critical needs in energy, education, nutrition etc and in phase 3 will take products made in villages to other villages and urban areashttp://www.thewaterchannel.tv/.../5863-rural-india-gets-safe-drinking-water-at-just-30-paisa [embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nwlCmO6ddCg[/embed]


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